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    Equipment Quality Control

    Quality Control

    We introduced the professional mould management software ERP/APS/MES.

    Drived by "two Core" - project management and plan management, DJCN will become one of the most competitive & top informatization management level among local automotive lighting mould companies, Introducing the manufacturing execution system, lead by the design and guided by technology during manufacturing, overall arrangements of all resources with the core of plan management. With two plan systems of MPS & APS, executing the whole management from intention order to mould quotation, project control, design management, material purchase, inventory management, manufacturing, assembly, to trial or commissioning.

    Six modules: Order management, Project management, Production management, purchase management, R&D management, Trial management.

    We are committed to build core competitiveness, and achieve high quality & high efficiency by applying the high-efficiency informatization platform. With the continuous deepening of our information level, DJCN will enter the ranks of half automation and smart mould plant, and more efficient production is our goal.

    At present, the company's quality management system has passed the certification of ISO9001: 2008 system standard. The quality management system is fully extended to all levels of the company with the quality assurance department as the center. The company has also passed the TS16949 certification to ensure that it meets customers' quality requirements and factories. Compliance.
    Automated workshop
    We use robots and self-developed injection production control systems to produce injection products such as light guide bars. Use the coordinate measurement software to automatically import the electrode data and perform the measurement and output the detection results, in the true sense to realize the unmanned automatic measurement of the electrode.
    Raw material monitoring
    Raw material monitoring is a crucial step in quality control. Controlling the flow of unqualified raw materials can avoid the quality problems of the mold itself from the source.
    MES Control
    Our company monitors the quality of the mold process and the inspection status before the mold test through the online MES and OA system. It is supported by rich and effective measuring equipment resources and human resources to control each size and problem of the mold to ensure the mold shipment. The rate is 100%.
    Quality Inspection
    Quality inspection is an indispensable process in the entire mold manufacturing process. Whether it is the size and hardness inspection in the process, the mold clamping in place during the assembly process, and the closing of the problem points of the test mold will affect the quality of the pay mold.

    ERP、MES Management

    ERP System Entrance
    Manufacture Process Schedule
    Timely Tracking
    Issues Tracking

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